The “Welp.” ALPHA RIFT trailer.

GeekTyrant calls ALPHA RIFT ‘cheesy,’ and they are correct. But I feel obliged to mention it, just the same. I don’t know who made this movie; but they are of my people. They are of my tribe. Sometimes you must swallow hard and stand with your tribesmen, if only for your own honor’s sake. This… is one of those times.

That being said: geez, people. Missile weapons. And where are the backpacks? I thought the movie characters played D&D!

3 thoughts on “The “Welp.” ALPHA RIFT trailer.”

  1. “Spear and magic HELmet.”
    “Spear and magic HELmet.”
    “Spear and magic HELmet.”
    “Magic helmet…”
    “Yes, magic helmet! And I will give you a deeeeeeemooooooo!”

    Sorry, that’s what popped into my head when I heard the words “magic helmet”.

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