So, there’s not gonna be that THE TRENCH movie.

It turns out that THE TRENCH was misdirection; they were going to do a Black Manta movie instead. Now that it’s fallen through, too, director James Wan sees no reason not to admit it. Personally, I’m with GeekTyrant: I’d rather have had the Lovecraftian sea monster superhero flick.

Nothing against Yahya Abdul-Mateen, mind you. He’ll be a great villain for the second Aquaman film. But I wanted Cthulhu and Deep Ones in the DC, dagnabbit. I do not think that this is an unreasonable thing to want.

3 thoughts on “So, there’s not gonna be that THE TRENCH movie.”

  1. It is not.
    “Weird” stuff was a a staple of Detective Comics.
    Even Action Comics had a bunch of it.

    The Aquaman comic in particular frequently went full-bore Lovecraftian, and was heavily inspired by REH. (The distinction between Deep Ones, Atlanteans, and Serpent People can get very fuzzy, very quickly, in a deadly decadent court that despises surface dwellers.)

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