There will *likely* be a DUNE sequel…

…First off: note that it’s not performing under expectations. Variety notes that it’s hitting expectations or a bit above, and obviously it was intended to have a sequel from the start. So:

It now seems possible that “Dune” could cross $300 million worldwide and potentially break even theatrically, something that’s a rarity for tentpole projects in good times and nearly impossible during a pandemic. (Even the latest James Bond film “No Time to Die” may struggle to turn a profit in cinemas.) HBO Max has not reported any viewership metrics.

So why hasn’t “Dune: Part II” officially been announced?

Variety downplayed it a little, but the answer is probably “how it’ll be distributed.” HBOMax will want to simultaneously release the film in theaters and on its streaming service; Legendary Pictures (the production company)… does not. They’d prefer a traditional 45 day theater-only release window. HBOMax won that fight for DUNE; Legendary likely wants another bite of the apple for DUNE II*. But, yeah, they’re gonna make a sequel. That was always the plan, after all**.

Moe Lane

*DUNER? DOUBLING DUNE? THE DUNE THAT CAME TO HARKONNEN? Wait, that last one isn’t actually all that bad.

**Apparently this surprised people. I’m surprised that they’re surprised; I thought it was known that this was going to be at least a two-parter.

12 thoughts on “There will *likely* be a DUNE sequel…”

  1. One wonders just how much of the book series the script writers can get through before they become too insane to produce workable scripts…

    1. The director has stated that he wants to do a trilogy. The second movie would finish the novel. The third movie would be Dune Messiah.

      1. It would be kinda weird to stop at Dune Messiah, as it’s basically a prequel to Children of Dune, and (IMO) doesn’t make a lot of sense without it.

        On the other hand, “Arrakis teaches the attitude of the knife – chopping off what’s incomplete and saying: ‘Now, it’s complete because it’s ended here.'”

  2. “Dune it again”, “Dune 2: The Dunening”, “D2: Dunesday”, “Bride of Dune”, “Children of Dune”.. wait that one’s taken…

    1. So are “Spice World” and “My Own Private Idaho”…

      Hmm. “Guess who’s Harkonnnen to dinner”?


  3. “Variety notes that it’s hitting expectations or a bit above”

    This actually sounds surprising. Everyone I’ve heard from (including the group I went to see it with) has enjoyed the film. And the IMAX theater that I saw it in was pretty full. I suppose it’s possible that most locations are getting good turnout, but not as good as where I went.

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