Tweet of the Day, Anonymous MEGASPIDER donation edition.

It takes a special breed of hero to run an Australian wildlife donation program. I am not a particularly fearful man, and I would not agree to take on that kind of responsibility. I have kids.

6 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, Anonymous MEGASPIDER donation edition.”

  1. I realize they have a nice opera house and all, but I really don’t know why we haven’t just moved everyone out of Australia and then burned it to the ground. I mean, nuke it from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

    1. Can we just blockade and quarantine the place permanently? They’ve done half the work already, and the people who did said work can *stay there* to… supervise.

  2. G’day from Melbourne, Australia. As it turns out, poisonous fauna are not that big a problem to us Aussies, mainly due to education campaigns and anti-venom treatments. The key thing is that most of the dangerous animals run away from humans. There are exceptions: crocodiles (dangerous but not poisonous; found only in the tropics, far away from here) and tiger snakes (found here in southern Aus) will both attack humans. OTOH, it is not that hard to avoid these if you keep alert.

    1. It sure would be a shame if the PM (and several others) had a sudden nocturnal infestation of tiger snakes.

      Poor critters, having to have that taste in their mouths.

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