The DUNE Honest Trailer.

Am I the only person who knew going in that DUNE was a two-parter? Because it feels that way, sometimes. I mean, it was pretty obvious that you couldn’t stuff the entire book into one movie.


2 thoughts on “The DUNE Honest Trailer.”

  1. Unless there are whispered narrations of “the sleeper must awaken”, I’m standing at pass.

    The classic sci-fi that *needs* an improved adaptation is Starship Troopers.

  2. I would quibble with the phrase “improved adaptation”. A more serious and faithful approach would be appreciated – and you can borrow my highlighted and annotated copy as the basis for a screenplay at reasonable rates – but ‘improved’, wouldn’t apply, since it would be a fundamentally different approach to the material.

    As long as Clancy and Ironsides are involved in some capacity, homage will have been duly paid to the cartoonish predecessor, and the rest of us can get down to the twin entertainments of gorilla mechs and moral philosophy lectures.

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