I need to track down my poetry.

My mom wants copies of all of it, and damned if I remember where I put some of it. Does anybody remember if I did Halloween poems for 2020 and 2019? My tags are… not as good as they could be.

Moe Lane

PS: Is there any interest in a poetry chapbooHAHAHAHA what a silly question, Moe. What a silly question. I’m gonna need people to buy a lot of books to be able to fund that…


2 thoughts on “I need to track down my poetry.”

  1. IIRC, I searched your Patreon for Halloween poems a few weeks ago, and did not find any for those years. I do have your 2016 Halloween poem as a PDF, but nothing from Halloweens 2017 thru 2020. (The only other poems I seem to have from you are “Lament of the Retired Solar Patrolman” and “Song of the Thespian Dead”, both as PDFs.)

    Please reply here if you want copies of these PDFs.

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