Starting Friday and continuing until Christmas Eve, pick up Kindle copies of my illustrated chapbooks ANAGNORISIS, REVISIONARY, and DECISIONS for only 99 cents! Each chapbook has four stories, each with its own illustration. Perfect for casual reading!

  • Anagnorisis: Four Tales of Transformation: HOLDOUTS speaks to the aftermath of the Vampire Wars; THE HOUSE matches a unsettling location with an unsettling protagonist; OLD LOU examines what it’s like to have a barely-controlled monster in your head; and NOTHING LIKE A GOOD BOOK introduces the occult investigatory team of Cosgrove and Stewart!
  • Revisionary: Four Tales of the Mythos: In SIMMON’S BOOK, learn why you shouldn’t listen to anything you read. In POLLY WANT, thrill as a human being faces down a terrifying alien deathworld monster. In WICKED WHY, get it through your head that ‘Why’ is always the wrong thing to ask. And in IMPURITIES, discover some of the perils faced by the small businesswoman in a unique business environment.
  • Decisions: Four Tales of Choices: See a card sharp play a high-stakes game of bluff and blood in PIGEON! Participate in a final funeral in LE ROI EST MORT! Watch a man battle ruffians and himself in RESCUE FROM CHATEAU D’AL√ČATOIRE! And marvel at the unique fate of a man who learns too much in DEEP IN THE HEART OF SEX FISH!