12/27/21 Snippet, TINSEL RAIN.

We are getting to the point where I just have to add seven or so bridging sections and then I can hand it off to the alpha reader. Let her tell me what still doesn’t work with TINSEL RAIN, at this point. I am rapidly approaching the Kill it with fire portion of the novel-writing process.


I was done with the conversation after that, but Gannon wasn’t done with me. “So, Shamus,” he asked me, “What’s going on with you and the Ambassador?”

“As little as I can swing,” I replied. “How is this even a question?”

“Questions,” the captain told me, “are being asked. The new Ambassador has been riling people up. Important people, who don’t like being riled.”

“Really? What’s she been doing?” I was legitimately curious, because I hadn’t heard a damned thing on the street. Which was… odd, yeah. Dominion ambassadors love having a captive audience, emphasis on ‘captive.’

Either Gannon was a mind-reader, or just a step ahead of me. “Nothing. That’s what’s riling them up. No decrees, no insane plans, she doesn’t even send screaming apparitions to the Castle at night to make demands. Just pure, complete silence. Except she keeps summoning you.” Gannon looked at me. “That makes the higher-ups nervous.”

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  1. Okay. This reads weird to my eyes because to me, “Gannon” is necessarily the villain of the Legend of Zelda series.

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