6 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, *I* Had To Listen To This… edition”

  1. The sixth one wasn’t TOO horrible.

    Were there any redeeming qualities later on? I turned it off once my ears started bleeding.

    1. The participation trophies were only when they were kids. Then they got spat out into the real world with an economy that was… unkind to them. As for sense of shame… why should they have shame? They’re doing what they’re doing as best they can, and putting it out there. It’s not *their* fault that people seize on it and retweet it.

  2. Trust is a fragile thing, Moe.

    I’ve placed mine in you and watched most every video you’ve posted lo these last many years.

    That trust is broken, shattered, gone like dust in the wind.

  3. You know, self confidence is an invaluable life skill.

    But it really does need to be tempered with a healthy dose of discerning when something not ready for the outside world to know about.

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