12/29/21 Snippet, TINSEL RAIN.

Four more scenes to hack out, and then it’s freaking done. DONE! DONE, I SAY! HAHHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

…Pardon me.


The rest of the interrogation was less interesting from my point of view, but more from the cops’. Pickney was working for Rowan, making magical artifacts — but he insisted that he didn’t work with icemold. Ever. “You buy that, Shamus?” Foster asked me as we watched Gannon get names and addresses.

“Yeah. Yeah, I do. He doesn’t smell like a moldy. And you don’t want mages to get hooked on the stuff.” You really don’t: they become crazy-powerful, in both senses of the word. “Howie Rowan just wanted his own enchanter; one not juiced in with anybody in Cin City. Pickney would be perfect for that.”

“Yeah. Well, that’s good news. We roll Rowan up, we roll up the whole thing. Oh, speaking of good news? The ATSE and Syndicate, they’re having a sit-down. Cooler heads are prevailing, now that there’s got a foreigner to blame.”

“Ouch,” I said mildly.

“Am I wrong, Shamus? In either way? I mean, he’s got motive and opportunity. And word on the street is that some of the guys Rowan uses for heavy hitters are nowhere to be found. Sure, it’d be stupid for him to kill a couple of cops. But Howie Rowan?” Foster shrugged. “He thinks the rules don’t apply to him.”

“Not quite, Lieutenant.” She looked at me, curiously. “He thinks the rules he learned out there still apply in here.”

“Eh. Same difference.”

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  1. Eh, it’s fine. Good things come when you visit The Madness Place! 🙂

    That said, “now that there’s got a foreigner to blame”? I sense typo. Maybe “we’ve got a foreigner to blame” or “they’ve got a foreigner to blame”?

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