I need opinions on the new Kickstarter.

The TINSEL RAIN (sequel to FROZEN DREAMS: buy it now!) won’t be happening until March, but I’m working on setting it up now. My question is: I plan to offer signed copies of my other books as incentives. Should I do them as add-ons, or different tiers? The advantage of tiers is, I can combine shipping and handling costs; the advantage of add-ons is, it’ll make for a cleaner display. I’m not wedded to either tactic, so opinions welcome.


3 thoughts on “I need opinions on the new Kickstarter.”

  1. Not being familiar with the mechanics of the platform, I don’t readily see why their is a difference in handling S&H for parts of what are essentially the same order, but putting that aside, I would argue for catalog books to be add-ons as opposed to tiered incentives, since (I’m guessing) a large part of your base is still current readers/backers who by and large already have you’re collected works, and if the point of tiering is to increase revenue that offering things most already have isn’t the way to go.

    1. If I create a multiple-book tier, I can set S&H to reflect that it’s cheaper to send multiple books together than separately; but if I add-on, each add-on needs its own S&H.

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