Kickstarter Watch: Locking down the audiobook!

…Sort of. What I have is an agreement with Sally (she’s the same person who did FROZEN DREAMS) that, should we hit a particular stretch goal, she can work on the project this spring and summer. The truth of the matter is, I glided for a long time on the FROZEN DREAMS Kickstarter, but the money is spent*, and I am down again to what I get from the Patreon and PayPal and KDP royalties and the rest every month. Liquidity is the great bane of the self-published, and it takes time to fill the money pools. But if we do well, things can be accomplished!

Particularly if I crack ten grand on the upcoming Kickstarter. I make that, then suddenly a second novel this year is no longer a pipe dream.

Moe Lane

*I didn’t waste it: it paid for chapbooks and MORGAN BAROD and art and other legitimate expenses. But it’s gonna be a while before raw sales lets me put out a novel every year.