The DEATH ON THE NILE trailer.

Oddly, I’ve never seen Branagh’s MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS.

I say ‘oddly’ because I read a lot of Agatha Christie as a teenager (incidentally, I recommend a perusal of Randall Garrett’s The Napoli Express). I don’t know why. Possibly because the reviews were kind of meh? – But they made a sequel, so there’s that. Maybe I should pick up the first one and watch it. …Or, more accurately, add it to the pile. Anyway: this does look good. Maybe I will catch DEATH ON THE NILE, after all.


3 thoughts on “The DEATH ON THE NILE trailer.”

  1. Murder on the Orient Express was quite good. I expect this one to be just as good, and with Gal Gadot.

  2. The 1978 Death on the Nile directed by John Guillermo, and staring Peter Ustinov was top notch in my opinion. Great actors giving a fantastic performance. I really recommend it.

    Because I enjoyed that version so much, I am a touch cautious about this recent production. But I imagine I will watch it sooner or later.

  3. IIRC, they changed the ending of The Murder on the Orient Express.
    Most critics and a lot of viewers were ok with it, but there were a lot of people who felt betrayed.

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