See what people are saying about FROZEN DREAMS!

The TINSEL RAIN Kickstarter starts in six weeks, so it’s time to remind folks about FROZEN DREAMS. See this blurb? It’s a great blurb:

  • “Elaborate, strange and unpredictable, Moe has created a vivid world that feels as if Mickey Spillane and J.R.R. Tolkien went out drinking and merged their mindsets in a buzzed brainstorming session. Snarky, smart, and fast-moving, all served up in rat-a-tat-tat tough guy patter. If Sam Spade played Dungeons and Dragons, it would turn out something like Frozen Dreams.”- Jim Geraghty, author of The Weed Agency and Between Two Scorpions

And, from the reviews:

  • “If you’re a fan of noir-flavored detective stories with more than a touch of magic and mayhem, serious world-building, and getting in the front door with indie fantasy, look no further.” – Bloodwedd Mallory, Author of the Unofficial Legends of the Secret World series
  • “This is a beautiful fusion of noir detective story and fantasy, with some sly comments about celebrity culture and politics slipped in along the way. Thoroughly enjoyable and riveting; started the book last night and did not put it down until I was finished.”
  • “Usually tongue-in-cheek books like this fail to be believable as stories in their own terms: too many silly but funny ideas overwhelm the story as a story. This book avoided that issue, despite its wildly out-there world-building.”

There was one particularly bitter revenge-review the day of that got deleted by Amazon because the ‘reviewer’ clearly hadn’t read the book, but alas I didn’t get a screenshot in time. But I cherish that review just as much as the other ones. It’s important to know that you’ve made an emotional connection with your audience. Whatever that emotion happens to be.