How much Batman is too much Batman?

Call me a heretic, but four hours of Batman might indeed be too much Batman.

The runtime for the highly anticipated The Batman film was recently revealed, with the film set to be nearly three hours in length. According to a recent report, an earlier cut of the film was even longer.

In a new edition of The Hollywood Reporter’s Heat Vision newsletter, it was reported that some test screenings for The Batman showed off an early, four-hour cut of the film. 

At least, in theaters. I might sit still for a four hour THE BATMAN movie on DVD. It will depend on how much I like the theatrical version.

One thought on “How much Batman is too much Batman?”

  1. They’re doing it wrong.

    Release the 2 hour 46 minute cut to theaters… but release the four (or more) hour cut in 45 minute increments, once per week, on ($streaming_service) .. and not only do you get movie traffic, you keep the movie in theaters as the deep fans go back every week and try to spot the cuts.

    Make sure most of the easter eggs are in the mini-series … but not all..


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