I worry that I am too old to really ‘get’ NFTs.

I mean, it doesn’t feel that way, but… it wouldn’t, would it? That is exactly how somebody who doesn’t get something would feel. And isn’t that a fun recursive rabbit hole to fall into.

Ach, well. At least I’m in good company:

4 thoughts on “I worry that I am too old to really ‘get’ NFTs.”

  1. What’s there to get with NFTs?
    They’re an obvious grift. The salespitch makes crypto pushers look like Boy Scouts. (Those at least have a point about the nature of fiat currency, even though nearly everything after that is unadulterated bs.)

    But. But. Blockchain! Because buzzwords are magic, and ward of reality.
    (I am seriously disappointed in my fellow humans for being big enough suckers to bite on this scam.)

    1. I am glad to see I am not the only person who thinks both that crypto is a scam and that nfts make crypto pushers look saintly.

  2. The blockchain is, in essence, a group math problem. Nfts are equivalent to owning the x in our analogy. They are, to put it mildly, even more overvalued than tulip bulbs.

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