So, I tried a Facebook Ad for the Kickstarter.

I am… not convinced that it did a single blessed thing for me. Now, getting a link on Skin Horse on Sunday? That lit things up for the TINSEL RAIN Kickstarter. I am not sure if the problems I have with Facebook ads (or Amazon ads, for that matter) are because of the ads, or me – but I’m pretty sure that they are problems; and I don’t really know how to fix them. I’ve looked up possible solutions, but they invariably involve me buying some service that will magically make everything awesome. Yeah, I don’t believe that one either. And double yeah: I can see where the money’s being made there.

Ach, well, it could be worse. Plenty of self-published writers out there would love to have my situation, I know. I should be more grateful about it.

4 thoughts on “So, I tried a Facebook Ad for the Kickstarter.”

  1. I have read a number of times that FB ads are close to zero value for the buyer.

  2. It’s the platform.
    You’d think FB would be the perfect place to have an algorithm that microtargets ads.
    Not at a basic price point.

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