Reintroducing my Kindle Vella story: THE STARS ARE WRONG.

I don’t want to just abandon THE STARS ARE WRONG: it’s a fun Cthulhu Mythos story where I was trying to switch things up a little. I don’t think it deserves to just end up as an academic footnote somewhere. So I’m putting up the link again, in the hopes it’ll get more play this time. Or, you know, any play at all.

8 thoughts on “Reintroducing my Kindle Vella story: THE STARS ARE WRONG.”

  1. So far, so good. I’ve never checked out that format before. I will try again later on the iPad.

  2. Hey, I read it. I even created a Goodreads entry for it to count towards my annual reading goal.
    Chthulu mythos stuff ain’t my thing, but I liked it, mostly.

  3. Is that tag supposed to be “angels” or “angles”?

    …and now I’m imagining a story where the lines between the two are blurred in a (Hounds of Tindalos/Be Not Afraid) sort of way, possibly mixed with the whole “most angels are out there making sure the world keeps working properly” idea. It feels like a very you sort of story, and I don’t actually know enough to be sure this isn’t it already.

    Including the Angles (early germanic tribe) in there might be a bit of a stretch, but it’s not like it *couldn’t* fit thematically.

    If you find any of this in any way interesting, it’s all yours.

    1. Angels, because do I ever want to get inroads into THAT reading demographic. Albeit it’d probably be only briefly. 🙂

      1. Honestly, I could totally see you pulling off a short story collection based around angels (and perhaps demons) played completely straight, in way that demographic might approve of. Now, you’d probably go all twisty on everything *else* in the setting, and folks from other demographics might find it even more horrible than the cosmic horror you normally peddle, but if you seriously want to make inroads in that demographic, you have that ability within you.

    2. Would absolutely give new meaning to why the first words out of The Messengers is typically “Be Not Afraid.”

  4. Promotional comment: I tried clicking on the image a few times before I fell back to clicking on the link in the description. Maybe the very nice promo image with the url at the bottom could be a hypertext link…

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