The Fantastic Four Curse lives.

Although this is fairly benign: “ Jon Watts has withdrawn as the director of Fantastic Four, the reinvention of the venerable Marvel Comics series at Marvel Studios and Disney. Watts just directed Spider-Man: No Way Home, the Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios film that grossed $1.89 billion to become the sixth highest-grossing film of all time.” Apparently Watts is just ready to take some time off from making superhero movies, given that he spent most of the teens making highly successful Spider-Man flicks for Sony*.

So… back to the drawing board on finding a director for Fantastic Four. …Yay. I’m never getting a good F4 flick, am I?

Moe Lane

(H/T: ComingSoon)

*Don’t know if I blame him, although even I did blame him, he still wouldn’t be able to hear me over the sound of all that MONEY.


One thought on “The Fantastic Four Curse lives.”

  1. You’re never getting a good F4 flick.

    F4 is exhibit A in the “superhero comics are soap operas” argument. The entire series is built around relationships. Establishing those and getting the audience to invest in them in under two hours is a heavy lift. Doing so mid-plot, with expositionary flashbacks, and with the constant intercession of kewl powerz, is borderline impossible.
    To do it justice, the movie would have to be an origin story, but you couldn’t get Hollywood to fund a superhero movie in which superpowers don’t show up until the last fifteen minutes.

    Don’t waste your time hoping for a miracle.

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