*Fine.* The AVATAR: THE WAY OF WATER teaser trailer.

You can tell just how much I’m looking forward to this by the fact that I originally wrote that as “The SHAPE Of Water.” Because this ain’t my Avatar. My Avatar is a bald kid with a flying buffalo, and an uncritical willingness to go on wacky cabbage cart-destroying adventures.

Then again, this AVATAR made almost 2.85 billion at the box office, so what do I know? Clearly people liked it. And they get to have sequels made, too.

Moe Lane


2 thoughts on “*Fine.* The AVATAR: THE WAY OF WATER teaser trailer.”

  1. The lazy frauds inconclusive in marketing this originally only ensures they will never get money from my family.
    Passing out payola to sitcoms and talk shows to include ‘fans’ of the movie in full cosplay before such a thing could exist was repugnant.

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