TINSEL RAIN Update: Chapters 17 and 18 edited.

I actually have edits for all the way up to Chapter 21 (there are 24 chapters in all, and an Epilogue), but I’m going to do the other three tomorrow. We’re at the stage of the book where I need to do more than just confirm copy-editing changes*, and that slows down the process. Still, TINSEL RAIN is very close to being edited!

Which is awesome. And also about to give me a lot more work, of the not entirely fun variety. But mostly awesome.

Moe Lane

PS: Pre-order store.

*Mostly observations about how a particular section should be tightened up, or how a character’s motivation isn’t completely ringing true. But I am getting a flattering lack of This book is terrible, and should be launched into the Sun, so I am not finding the feedback oppressive.

One thought on “TINSEL RAIN Update: Chapters 17 and 18 edited.”

  1. As a beta reader, I will say that the book I read was better than much of the dreck I slogged through (and thought was pretty good) back in the day.

    It should not be shot into the sun, nor dropped into an active volcano. It should be read and enjoyed.


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