They’re making a LEFT BEHIND sequel…

…and I have a mixed reaction to that. It’s not that I don’t want them to make a sequel to LEFT BEHIND, or even that they’re probably not making the kind of Christian Tribulation movie that I want to see. It’s that nobody’s making the kind of Christian Tribulation movie that I want to see.

I know that it’s a tricky, not to mention heavily-fraught situation. Millions of people believe that the Book of Revelation is literal prophecy, and that one of several premillennialist theories will end up accurately predicting the end of the world. And those people rightly don’t like having their beliefs mocked, any more than anybody else. But I can’t help thinking that a movie that explored Revelation in a way that took it seriously, while at the same time avoiding any tendency towards being didactic (or apologetics), could be worth watching*.

And it must be said: you could make one literal Hell of a horror film out of the imagery found in that book.

Moe Lane

*Good Omens came closest; but while I loved the miniseries, it was too satirical for the epic movie I want to watch.


2 thoughts on “They’re making a LEFT BEHIND sequel…”

  1. I got into it once with Jerry Jenkins. He was badmouthing NaNoWriMo to promote his coaching business, and I called him on it. We had a little internet discussion and then he deleted all of my posts.

    What I called him out on was his misrepresentation of what NaNo was all about. He seemed to think that NaNo was a scam that led people to believe that their NaNo novels would be published. I tried to explain that NaNo was all about creating a deadline to silence the inner critic and just allow a writer to write, but he wasn’t having any of it.

    Kind of soured me on anything related to the man.

    1. Huh. It’s kind of made clear – a little too clear, if you ask me – that the point of NaNoWriMo is to write, not publish. Personally, I’m not writing 50K words in a month just to say I did, but I can see why people might need encouragement.

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