The strategically pixelated THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER trailer.

Worried that THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER might be a solemn affair? Concerned that the general ‘Jack Kirby drops some acid but was able to maintain’ vibe of the original might have been an one-time thing? Unsure whether Chris Helmsworth has gone off the Marvel boiled-chicken-and-Sisyphus exercise routine?

Then do I have a trailer for you.

It’s dumb and I love it.

One thought on “The strategically pixelated THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER trailer.”

  1. There are certainly some nice visuals in the trailer. But it also makes me wonder if Taika Waititi took it a little to far over into the “dumb laughs” side of things.

    Thor Ragnarok worked in no small part because of a solid villain to drive the plot (it also dovetailed nicely as an unofficial prequel to Infinity War).

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