TINSEL RAIN now available for Kindle preorder

I should just accept that this is all that I’m dealing with today. Also, as a reminder: if you backed the Kickstarter at the digital level and filled out your survey you should have gotten a notification of the digital book being available.

TINSEL RAIN NOW AVAILABLE TO PREORDER ON KINDLE! It comes out Friday. Rejoin Shamus Tom Vargas as he investigates murder, magic and mystery in the post-apocalyptic Kingdom of New California! Action! Suspense! A plethora of bad jokes! All awaits your interested gaze!

2 thoughts on “TINSEL RAIN now available for Kindle preorder”

  1. I could have sworn I did the survey, but I haven’t received the book available email. I got the kickstarter one saying they’re on the way, but not that.

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