Tweet of the Day, This Is Not Incomprehensible… edition.

…it’s just vaguely stupid.

Seriously, I know that now that I’m in my fifties I’m supposed to be overwhelmed by future shock, or whatever the term is. But this isn’t gonna do it. I understand perfectly what happened: some crystaljock jacked some data, sold it to a gonk via a fixer, and now this mediaposter thinks the gonk somehow owns the data and can get away with telling the corpos where to stuff it.

This is not hard. And, at that: it’s barely cyberpunk.

2 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, This Is Not Incomprehensible… edition.”

  1. Did they ever read Johnny Mnemonic?


    p.s. that said, I am waiting for someone to implant a bluetooth storage device and use it to haul data into or out of a secure area…

  2. Cyberpunks are too street savvy to buy into NFTs.
    Not that that’s a high threshold.

    I read about that this morning, I cans away pretty convinced that nearly the entire article was a flagrant lie.
    Or Seth Green is really too stupid to live. (So somebody please go slap a scratch n’ sniff sticker on the bottom of his pool.)

    But in either case, I was convinced that Seth Green really, really wanted attention.

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