06/02/22 Snippet, BUZZ ON THE STREETS.

This is going to be a short story! I finally figured out the meaning of the title, and it should work out fine. Plus, I need Remy and Lucas back for the next novel anyway.


I knew something was up even before I got to the coroner’s lab. Somebody had drawn weird sigils on the walls, using their fingers and what I hoped was just dirt. There was also a mesh of silver wires laid across each doorway — and, scariest of all, a half dozen Christian crucifixes, each angled to cover as much of the room as possible. The sight of them made me check for my gun. You don’t break out the crosses unless something seriously evil was up and about.

What? No, I got no beef with the Christian God. His people are the best in the business when it comes to putting down demons and Undead. I’m just, you know, gainfully employed elsewhere.

“Hey, Remy?” I called out as I advanced towards her office. “Should I be running in, or staying put?”

“Oh, hey, Tom.” She sounded promisingly unpanicked, which was a good sign. “Come on in. Just don’t bring any abominations along with you.”