4 thoughts on “‘Dare to Be Stupid.’”

  1. Is it bad that I felt morally obligated to subscribe to his channel after watching that?

    1. Spent a couple hours listening to the channel. Favorite comments so far:

      (Freebird) I don’t think there’s a deeper meaning here. I think it’s exactly what it says it is.
      (Mississippi Squirrel Revival) I don’t think this is a serious song.

      Honorable mention: he evidently grew up in one of the cities on the Great Lakes, because he geeked out about GL shipping during Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.

      1. Oh, and “I’ve never heard of this Allison Krause before. I guess we’ll see if she’s good.” (Pushes pause partway through first line) “Yes.” (Pushes play)

  2. Mark Mothersbaugh said of this song: “I was in shock. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever heard. He sort of re-sculpted that song into something else and… I hate him for it, basically.”

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