This feels… significant.

Like the books are off having adventures, now. Also, I’m not getting paid for them when they’re sold used, which would theoretically be a crying shame. Then again, I mostly want people to read my books. At this stage of the game, the sales are there to get me enough money to publish more books…


One thought on “This feels… significant.”

  1. Roughly 30 years ago or so Garth Brooks tried to ban sales of his used CDs. He complained artists did not earn royalties on those sales. I’m pretty sure he ended up backing down, and I think it was less the first sale doctrine that did him in and more the optics of a multi-millionaire complaining that he didn’t get his cut when people needed to sell off their music collection to scrounge up a few bucks,
    I totally get the impulse to prefer everyone buy new copies. Garth needed impulse control and a smart publicist to slap his hand.

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