Technology suuuuuuuucks…

…why do I do this to myself? And it’s all on my end, too. I am morbidly certain that the problem with getting the postage ready is absolutely because I forgot to click something that I should have obviously clicked, or because I misunderstood a clearly stated instruction. I mean, seriously, Backerkit’s very good at this stuff. I am totally ready to believe that I’m being a fumble-fingers.

2 thoughts on “Technology suuuuuuuucks…”

  1. Tell me that you didn’t do bulk mailings in the 90s, without telling me you didn’t do bulk mailings in the 90s.

    (The “big book of bulk” was bad enough to navigate sending out news letters. I shudder to think about what it would have been like to send out packages.)

    1. The closest I ever did to that was stuffing envelopes under the table in the 1980s. Mom would bring home piecework, and we’d all do it for below-minimum wage…

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