Eric Flint’s RIVERS OF WAR series to finally resume!

This is excellent news:

For those unaware, Rivers of War is Flint’s alternate history of the American frontier. He picked an interesting divergence point (Sam Houston only getting slightly wounded at a particular battle), and then things went interestingly weird from there. So interestingly weird I had to delete the details, because spoilers.

It’s one of my favorite series, and I’ve been waiting years for Flint to get past two books in it. Something to look forward to in 2023!


7 thoughts on “Eric Flint’s RIVERS OF WAR series to finally resume!”

  1. I’ll consider that a recommendation and add them to my list.

    And since we’re talking unfinished series (segue) has anyone else read or heard of Fenwick Travers? Three books were published in what is best described as an American Flashman style, having the fictional military antihero gallivanting about China the Philippines and the Panama canal. I recall them as excellent, and then they just… stopped.

  2. Anyone know what that “your acquisition of” was about? I mean, I’d thought that Flint’s stuff had been under Baen the entire time.

  3. Not familiar with this series (or the Fenwick Travers books) but they both sound interesting. Thanks for the tip!

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