DragonCon nominations are open! Nominate one of my books!

What? I see no particular reason to beat around the bush. If you think MORGAN BAROD or TINSEL RAIN is worth a DragonCon nomination, feel free to click this link and vote for one of them under the Fantasy category. If you don’t think they’re worth nominations, then click on the link anyway and nominate the books you’d prefer. This isn’t a zero-sum game; I don’t need to drag anyone else down in order for me to rise higher.


6 thoughts on “DragonCon nominations are open! Nominate one of my books!”

    1. I’m scared to write about dinosaurs. Ten year old children could come up to me and explain everything I got wrong. 🙂

      1. Fair point, but on the other hand: the Jurassic Park franchise is a thing. Are the kids really harping on the dino-details?

        Also, you at least know how to write characters that understand theme park security.

      2. If fourth graders are passing your book around during recess, that’s a solid win.

        Just saying.
        (Is there a demographic anywhere more in tune with The Rule of Cool than prepubescent boys?)

  1. Tinsel Rain so nominated.

    Not that it matters, but my Mom liked Tinsel Rain. Frozen Dreams too, but she prefers TR.

    1. Well… Frozen Dreams is my baby, Frozen Dreams is my darling, Frozen Dreams opened the way, and Frozen Dreams… is a first novel.

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