How not to tempt fate, school bus edition.

Me, 7:18 AM: Hey, this bus pickup for the kid’s first day of summer social interaction went smooth, for a change!

Me, 9:18 AM [One call from bus company telling me they had broken down and could I please collect my child, incomplete directions as to where the bus was, GPS conking out four times on the way to the bus, getting slightly lost, nearly dying because the other guy suddenly decided to play chicken at the intersection, driving the kid to the location, having to speed-cross every lane of 2 major highways because Maryland is addicted to putting entrance ramps on one side of the goram road and exit ramps on the goram other, finding out the bus company hadn’t told the school program they had broken down, being told Oh, sure, don’t worry about having to come pick up your kid!*, and spilling a medium orange juice over the front of my body later]: WHY MUST YOU SEEK YOUR OWN DESTRUCTION LIKE THIS MOE-FOOL HAVE YOU NO SENSE YOU HAVE NO SENSE

So that was my morning!

* I will do no such thing.

4 thoughts on “How not to tempt fate, school bus edition.”

  1. My condolences on having to finally learn so late in life that programs designed by bureaucrats and employing overpaid employees and subcontractors (all of whom are never penalized for being wrong or incompetent) can’t complete a single task or respond to a simple and predictable mishap in a way that cannot be most accurately described as a clusterf*ck.

  2. ‘s some good parenting.

    Now, write it up a bit longer, amp the tension, and send it to the principal, cc your least favorite local media.


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