07/25/2022 Snippet, 2084.


Alex reached after a moment out to pull on one pipe in the pile, which turned out to be a knob on a hinged door. On the other side was another, considerably rougher-looking, tunnel. “Clever,” Alex said in a normal voice. “And obviously not trapped.”

“Nice,” Jim squinted at the hidden door. “What tipped you off?”

“Air currents,” she replied. “There’s no natural wind underground, so when there’s a draft, you look for the hole. This one is definitely morlock-made.”

Jim noted the slight disappointment in her voice. “That a problem? That’s who attacked me.”

Yes, but I was rather hoping they were outcasts, hired by your gunslinger. And he went this way. See the blood?”

He peered. “No… hold on, let me change filters… ah. Yeah, there’s some on the inner handle. He ran in, pulled it behind him, and kept going. Into the morlock… hive? Den?”

“Village. Which is where we’ll have to go next.”