4 thoughts on “‘Thick as a Brick.’”

  1. You might be(slightly) younger than me, Moe, and I ( a man who prides himself on trivialities both useless and mundane) have no idea what Subject of saute you refer to ( painful as that is to admit). Neither do I even have an educated guess nor a blind one.

    This humble one begs for enlightenment on behalf of all your followers.

    1. It was written as a spoof of prog rock concept albums. However, the humor was subtle enough that many didn’t catch on and just thought it was serious.

      1. It’s a fine line between concept album and parody.

        There’s a direct line between Ian Anderson and David St. Hubbins.

  2. I’m now reminded of how the country music fans as a whole have decided that country music parodies simply are country music and should be treated as such. I seem to recall that “Achy Breaky Song” in particular did fairly well on the country charts.

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