Tweet of the Day, This Story Is Made Up Of Creepypasta edition.

Although I’m not sure about ‘creepypasta.’ I ran it past the local expert here (my eldest son), and he feels that the story may be too ridiculous for it to really qualify. I concede the point: but he didn’t offer an alternative term, so here we are:

Via @EsotericCD.

3 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, This Story Is Made Up Of Creepypasta edition.”

  1. Looking at the comments (and the links from said comments), it appears to be legit.

    Important detail: the clown in question is not actually a person.

  2. It’s not creepypasta, because it’s not creepy.
    The evil clown is a dead horse trope at this point. There’s no juxtaposition to play off any longer. Envision a clown. It was John Wayne Gacy, Pennywise, it Joker, wasn’t it? We’re a few generations past Bozo and Red Skelton. Clowns no longer read as funny. Even the deconstructed butthead clowns of Dumbo are fading into memory. The only clowns that no longer immediately culturally come across as “be frightened of this” are drag queens*, and with them, sexual deviance is kind of the point.

    *Outlandish garb, over the top make up, exaggerated affectations? Totally clowns.

  3. I hated that place, visited once and never returned.

    A classmate of mine worked there in the ’80s. He was basically the lone security guard. He had escorted some trouble-makers out of the park one evening, but one of them was able to sneak up behind him and stab him in the back with a knife. It was reported that he died instantly.

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