I’ve just finished Episode 6 of THE SANDMAN…

…and I think I can safely say: this is a solid [expletive deleted]ing show. It is hitting the mood, tone, and style of the original SANDMAN comic in the dang bullseye. It could maybe still suck – I’m doing my level best to avoid finding out about future episodes – but so far it’s everything I would have wanted from an adaptation. If you read the comics and liked them, you’ll like this.


3 thoughts on “I’ve just finished Episode 6 of THE SANDMAN…”

  1. I must concur. My wife and I made it through the first 4 episodes last night before we decided we needed to sleep before work today. The feel and imagery is incredible. The casting for Lucien / Lucienne captured the character, mutatis mutandis. I think my only real complaint is that the actress for Johanna Constantine – Constantine is someone who’s Seen Things and Done Things, and she didn’t strike me as having the haunted undercurrent that comes with that. But that’s a minor gripe.

    1. Episode 6 had the two stories that they absolutely needed to get right for this series, and they hit the bullseye each time.

  2. Good, better than I expected.
    Is it wrong that I hear the Chordettes singing while I watch this show?

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