The CULT OF THE LAMB video game trailer.

CULT OF THE LAMB is not to be confused with the Worship videogame (latest Kickstarter update here*): it’s its own thing. And it’s thing is weird.

I’m not sure if I want to get this, though. I mean, the endgame is you release an Elder God, and everybody gets eaten, right? That doesn’t sound very nice.

Moe Lane

*It will not surprise anybody to hear that the game release for Worship has been pushed back a year.

3 thoughts on “The CULT OF THE LAMB video game trailer.”

  1. Also not “the Lair of the Lamb”, which is *another* it’s own thing… and *also* weird.

  2. Can you “fight like a sheep” but also be a “shepherd’? I’ve never seen sheep herd themselves…

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