One thought on “The SCP: Fragmented Minds Video Game Kickstarter.”

  1. The good:
    It should be imaginative.
    The gameplay goes over well-trod ground. It should be solid. And I dig stealth

    The graphics look meh. I don’t care, but some people do.
    The pitch shifted voice bothers me. Once things get under 100 Hz, and especially under 80 Hz, I have a hard time deciphering sounds into words. Throw in ambient noise and background music on top of that, and… Yeah.
    I don’t like the splatterschtick vibe. With most of the audience coming to the genre through King, Barker, or Craven, I guess it’s inevitable. And it does lend itself to visual mediums.

    The worrisome:
    I’m not sure they have the discipline to maintain a unity of theme across the narrative with such a deep well of shinies to draw from. And the trailer does absolutely nothing to reassure me.

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