Sad news: Ring of Fire Press to shut down.

At least, that’s the word here. Ring of Fire Press was Eric Flint’s baby; and without him, they can’t keep going. It’s a damned shame: I bought a lot of their books.

More here. It looks like it’s been very comprehensively decided, alas. Which is, again, a damned shame.

2 thoughts on “Sad news: Ring of Fire Press to shut down.”

  1. I enjoyed the original first few novels, but hadn’t kept up with the entire ongoing universe. I was happy to see if thriving though, and am very saddened to see such an interesting little indie press have to shutdown.

    Though I have no personal stake, I greatly respect and appreciate that they are making efforts to get rights reverted to authors.

  2. A business acting ethically, and shutting down rather than becoming a parasite?
    Is that even legal nowadays?

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