08/26/22 Snippet, TOUR OF DUTY

Got to get this done!

“No. And even if they did? We know almost nothing of Hawoo biochemistry. Without a living one to ask, we have no idea if they were taking sedatives, mood regulators, or… vitamin supplements.” I’m pretty sure that Emily was going to originally say ‘suicide pills,’ but that’s a touchy subject.

“Okay, so they were doing medical experiments. Or just plain old biological warfare. Don’t look at me like that, the Amalgamation weren’t saints. Even if they were, the people on the Blobmart were on a voyage through Hell. They’d want to strike back. I sure would.”

“So would I,” Emily admitted. “But in the end the Hawoo went insane, and the only ones they could strike were each other.” She shook her head. “If only they had explained things more simply, so that we stupid children who found their bones could understand better! Then perhaps we could do something! Something that wasn’t futile!!”

…Then she spluttered, because I had tossed my cup of water in her face. “You were shouting,” I interjected before she could get really mad. “In the bad way. Take a patch.”

“I’m fine now…”

Now I was interrupting her. “Take a patch.

She took the patch. I could see the effects kick in right away. “Oh, my,” Emily said, her voice lacking the manic pitch it had a moment ago. “That surprised me.”

“Yeah, episodes can do that. Sorry about the water.”

Emily gave me a wan but genuine smile. “Don’t be. I prefer it to being shaken, or slapped. But we should change the subject.”