08/17/22 Snippet, TOUR OF DUTY.

Corpses! I’m sure it’ll be fine.


March 1

Aldini found something. Correction: he found someone. Someones. They’re all dead, and that’s a tragedy and a shame and this is amazing!

The dead area was a makeshift morgue, which we’ve seen before. We’ve even found corpses, or what was left of them after five hundred years of decay. But these! We’ve never found corpses this well-preserved. There are six of them, all in liquid nitrogen storage units. Normally keeping them that way would require power, but it gets damned cold in interstellar space. We’re lucky they’re not frozen nitrogen storage units.

Oh, another note: the word’s come down: we have to start keeping trace gasses in mind. The Blobmart’s internal temperature has started to rise on its own, thanks to all the waste heat we’re generating in here, and not dissipating out into space. The Amalgamation’s life control systems never ceases to amaze. Nothing’s going to explode, probably, but the vacuum’s not as hard as it used to be.

Back to the morgue, and the bodies! They were originally covered with cloth (I have no idea what it was made of), but Aldini was able to use the drone’s grabbers to pull them off. We can now see them in the canisters, all hung suspended in a pool of liquid nitrogen, and wrapped in some kind of tape, like one of those old-time mummies. Sounds ominous, but liquid nitrogen makes tissue extremely fragile from the cold. They must have not wanted any pieces to fall off.