The Marvel: SKYDANCE video game trailer.

They’re promising the SKYDANCE game (or is that the company name?) will be AAA, which is interesting. World War II, Captain America*, a Black Panther, and… Occupied Paris? Or maybe just-liberated Paris. That could work.

Guess we’ll see?

*Assume a different voice actor.

3 thoughts on “The Marvel: SKYDANCE video game trailer.”

  1. Those slashes on Captain America’s shield _could_ be from a Black Panther… but they certainly look like the right alignment for Wolverine’s claws.

    Just wild speculation based on incredibly limited information. That’s what the internet and comment threads are for, right?

    1. Nah, there’s at least four scratches, and Logan’s only ever had 3 claws per hand.
      I think the real question is who the GI on the far left is supposed to be.

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