Movie of the Week: THE A-TEAM.

I have an irrational love of THE A-TEAM. I know, I know: it has its flaws. All I know is, this scene is off the hook when it’s up on the big screen…

…and I am an easy man to please when it comes to movies. I was talking about that to my wife the other day, in fact: mildly bemoaning the fact that I was That Guy. Her response? So, why don’t you just be That Guy?

I have a smart wife.

6 thoughts on “Movie of the Week: THE A-TEAM.”

  1. I was afraid watching it at first thinking they were going to destroy the TV Franchise with it, but I have to give it some credit…..I could not stop laughing at the Murdoch character through out the entire movie. (Trying to hot wire an ambulance with a defibulator was awesome) He NAILED the character and brought the entire movie to life. When they broke him out of the VA, that was epic and classic A-TEAM right there. I Love this movie.

  2. Mrs. Lane may be on to something. You have the uniqe position of being a non-stark-raving-Hollywood-Commie, nor are you a complete reactionary against said lunacy: accepting of Fun™ if it’s there.

    There is a niche for that in the current market.

  3. I freely admit that nostalgia makes me want to kit out a mini-14 with a wire stock.

    But I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to hit anything afterwards.

  4. Haven’t seen this since it was in the theaters, but it was fun at the time, and I am still bummed they didn’t make another one.

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