So, they’re doing a sequel to CONSTANTINE.

Guess I’m gonna have to watch the first CONSTANTINE now: “Warner Bros will develop another installment of the 2005 supernatural thriller Constantine, and the studio is re-teaming star Keanu Reeves and director Francis Lawrence, who made his helming debut on the original.” I yeah, I dunno why I’ve never actually sat down to watch it. I kind of blame the way CD drives went away on computers. It’s just a hassle these days to catch non-streaming flicks on my PC…

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4 thoughts on “So, they’re doing a sequel to CONSTANTINE.”

  1. If it’s any encouragement, I enjoyed Keanu Constantine. Not having any attatchment to The Lore™, I found it a decent generic supernatural action flick.

  2. I never read HellBlazer, so I don’t know how consistent it is with the lore, but I enjoyed the movie Constantine.
    (And the short lived TV show of the same name. The movie is darker than the series.)

  3. I enjoyed the movie, and I’ve yet to read the original comics. I’d heard rumors of a sequel but thought they would surely recast it.
    The few episodes of Arrow that had Constantine (another actor, blanking on his name) were high points of that series, before it fell prey to The Message.

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