Tweet of the Day, Never Ascribe To Sabotage What Can Be Explained By Russian Incompetence edition.

I’m not an engineer. But I was able to follow along, and I gotta say: it sounds plausible as Hell that the Russians simply explosively fornicated the canine when it came to trying to get the Nordstream pipelines back up and running. Admittedly, that may just be my old Cold War reflexes talking – but we had those reflexive reactions for a reason.

Via @KarlKGallagher.

6 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, Never Ascribe To Sabotage What Can Be Explained By Russian Incompetence edition.”

  1. I’m open to possibilities. I’m also less inclined to accept CNN’s annonymous “Source close to the matter” as truly credible, or even existant, as I used to be.

  2. I was trying to figure it out before, based on who would *want* such a thing, and it didn’t make any sense.

    This? This makes sense.

    It even makes the Russian Official Politician Responses make sense.

    1. Some men just want to watch the world burn.
      I can’t argue that those so enthusiastically destroying their own countries would be too wise or moral to conduct such sabotage.
      Especially given that some had made very public threats to do so.

      This answer makes sense.
      In other times, when governments weren’t gleefully posturing about freezing and starting their citizens, I would accept it at face value.

      It would be very easy for someone so inclined to monkeywrench the depressurization from the Western end. And the Western governments are full of Gaia cultists.

      1. That’s fair, but counterpoint: most of those cultists couldn’t operate a screwdriver. If they tried, they’d probably just vaporize themselves and an inoffensive lobster trap.

  3. My wife was convinced it was sabotage. My response was, “I will not be surprised if it is sabotage, but I will also not be surprised if it is poor Russian maintenance.”

    1. That really is the unfortunate truth, isn’t it? Those guys managed to make a nuclear power plant explode, and those things are specifically designed to never, ever do that.

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