4 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, The Self-Publishing Experience In Musical Form edition.”

  1. It’s a thing. When a friend of mine married the drummer of a psycho-billy band (who by day had a stable professional job), they got Mike Hösty (http://www.hosty.com/) to play the reception. He was marvelous.

  2. Impressive.
    But I can’t help but think how much better it would sound if he cut the tracks individually and mixed them

      1. No, it’s not.
        It wouldn’t be nearly as entertaining to watch.
        But imagine how much better it would sound!

        Doing four hard things kind of well, all at once, is impressive.
        But he’d be so much better at each if he only did one at a time. (Not to mention the mic bleed and level matching being much more controllable.)

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