Is it really happening? Is the Hellsite Twitter really falling?

…Probably not. Coders are cheap.

But, just in case:

Substack (New):

6 thoughts on “Is it really happening? Is the Hellsite Twitter really falling?”

      1. … is delicious.

        In the land of the blind, the one-eyed is king .. in the land of the blue-checks, those who can keep their sh*t together rule.

        Of course, this runs smack into “play stupid games, win stupid prizes” because .. land of the blue-checks ..

        C’est la guerre.


      2. I don’t seem to follow any who are really upset about it, honestly. I guess I pared my follows down pretty well some time back.
        Actually looking at the accounts I do follow, all of about 6 have check marks. It looks like I actually follow more people I genuinely know than that, though most of those have given up on the thing.

        1. The actual problem I will have is that I have one or two games that are tied to my Twitter account, so I’ll have to get them tied to some other set of credentials, instead.

          1. I seriously doubt it’s going anywhere.

            Once the codebase was working, which was years and years ago now, everything has been tinkering and keeping up with the upgrade cycles. That .. is cheap.

            Server space can be spendy, but the year-over-year cost will continue to drop as long as Moore’s Law remains true.

            The question is whether Ol’ Elon can manage to find a demographic with disposable income and make Twitter appeal to them.

            Of course, that’s been the question for most of the social media for .. quite a while. Many try, very few succeed.


            p.s. y’all do realize MySpace is still a thing, right?

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