Tweet of the Day, God But It Was Invigorating edition.

As I all-but-said on Twitter earlier, I’m feeling like G’Kar in the elevator. If Twitter lives, a lot of people are entertainingly freaking out right now; and if it dies, I get to watch. There is no downside.

6 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, God But It Was Invigorating edition.”

  1. Elon should take the site down, post a fail whale, and as soon as you hit reload there’s another screen that says “HA! Fooled you! It works fine.

    Now give me $8 or I’ll do it to you again, you junkie.”

  2. Any occasion that justifies a Babylon 5 refference is bound to be an “interesting” time at the very least.

  3. So they were anticipating someone sabotaging the system on the way out the door?

    Because the system should be stable enough to run with minimal interference.

  4. That really was one of the best scenes in the entire show. It was always elevated when those two got to try to out chew the scenery together.

  5. Not really sure about Elon Musk personally, but he does seem to have the knack of pissing off the right (IMO) people.

    Also, Google says his net worth is like $190 billion. Can that be right? Cuz… wow.

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