1899 is pretty good and kept me watching it.

But 1899 is strange. No spoilers, and seriously try to avoid them until at least the last episode. There’s a lot of creepiness going on throughout, and it’s a lot more ‘atmospheric horror’ than it is ‘blood and gore.’ All in all, it got my interest early on and kept it. 1899 may not be your cup of tea, though.

Moe Lane

PS: I can’t really talk about the genre of horror that it is without spoiling the whole thing for you. Sorry. This is one time I was glad to resist temptation and not find out in advance what was going on.

One thought on “1899 is pretty good and kept me watching it.”

  1. So .. by comparison.. first 3 or 4 episodes similar to “The Alienist”…? Different?

    Are there characters who aren’t unlikable morons?


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