I dunno what to do with this Substack.

I put it up, on the random chance that Twitter might blow up and I wanted to lock in the name. It looks like Twitter is not blowing up, though – but does this thing have any use anyway? Lots of people use Substack, but I’m not really on fire about it. Although possibly I should be.

Suggestions welcome.

3 thoughts on “I dunno what to do with this Substack.”

  1. You’re not looking to be a self-syndicated columnist, and coordinated suppression of information has not declared kanly against escapism.

    I don’t see an obvious benefit for your case, except maybe as a replacement for Patreon.
    It’s good that you locked down your IP on the platform. Worst case, you have an escape route if blogging platforms go the way of MySpace.

    1. Alternatively, it’d provide you a place to write about that topic you no longer blog about, if you had a burning desire (and the extra time and energy) to do so, without it impinging on this site.

  2. Its two strengths as I see are it for 1) longer-form content and 2) more flameproof for politicks-adjacent topics.
    1 is your published works, and I believe you were opting out of 2 for the foreseeable future.

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